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Salty skin, sun-dried hair, alternating between warm naps on crisp towels and refreshing dips in the sea. The only thing you're missing is our last edition of the Vacation Diaries, perfect your tan with some refreshing ideas while enjoying some downtime this summer. 

Every Friday, discover a new edition!

© Whoogy’s

EXERCISE 1: Treat yourself

The perfect summer dish awaits... @Whoogy’s got you covered with easy and delicious recipes all summer.

What's on the menu: Tuna Carpaccio!


• Tuna

• Olive oil

• 1 tablespoon of capers

• 1 tablespoon of hazelnuts

• 1 tablespoon of chives

• 1 small yellow lemon

• Sea salt/Fleur de Sel, pepper and chilli pepper

How to prepare:

• Slice fresh tuna thinly, about half a centimeter.

• Place the slices nicely on a plate.

• Finely chop the chives and the garlic and place them on the tuna.

• Coarsely chop the hazelnuts and add them to the tuna.

• Zest the lemon on the plate and pour the juice over the fish.

• Add a generous drizzle of olive oil and season with the fleur de sel, pepper and Espelette pepper.

• Eat your masterpiece immediately & serve well.

EXERCISE 2 : The perfect pair

The latest wine treasure from Gwilherm de Cerval - wine columnist for Très Très Bon - might be the one you've been searching for. Discover his perfect match for a well marbled charcuterie. 

©Domaine Valma

With a plate of Ibaïama Ham: this delicate and melting meat calls for a fine wine with light tannins. To find the perfect match, as this ham is naturally fatty, you need a wine with a little acidity to counterbalance its oily side. There’s nothing better than a Gamay from the Beaujolais region to satisfy your tastebuds!

Ask your wine specialist: Fleurie rouge cuvée " Prélude " 2021 Domaine Valma

EXERCISE 3: Tune in


Listening to our soundtrack of the week: an oldie but goodie, iconic or fresh sound. 

Every week press play.


What would a summer be without crossword puzzles? Our vacation diary lends itself to the game, without having to print anything. Read them out loud and make it a fun guessing game with friends!

EXERCISE 5: You're in style

You’ve earned it… Go for a drink in your favourite look after a dip in the ocean:




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