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In order for you to love every moment of summer, we've created a few beach side fun activites with our specialists in the field, to continue to savour, to keep your brain running, and to perfect your tan.

Every Friday, you can discover a new edition!

EXERCISE 1 : Cooking

You're in for a treat. We’ve found the best teacher on instagram to help you fall in love with cooking: Whoogy's Whoogy's. With him, it's impossible to not serve a good dish. 

This week, we prepared a melon feta basil Serrano salad!

• Prepare the melon by cutting it in half, then hollowing out the seeds with a tablespoon.

• Remove the skin by cutting along the inside with a knife.

• Finally, cut the melon into cubes of about 2cm.

• Place into a container.

• Tear the thin slices of serrano for a more raw look and add it to the melon.

• Roughly crumble the feta over the container, this allows you to fully appreciate the texture of the feta.

• Finely chop the basil, to do this, stack the leaves on top of each other and roll them lengthwise.

• Once this little tube of leaves is in place, you can chop it very finely and add the basil to the rest.

• Add a generous dash of olive oil and season with fleur de sel, pepper and Espelette pepper.

• Mix gently to incorporate all the elements and serve chilled.

©Monopole Magazine

EXERCISE 2 : Fine Wine

To continue to sharpen your taste buds, we have called upon the very talented wine columnist of Très Bon: Gwilherm de Cerval, to share a weekly tip for complimenting your wine with your dishes.

With a plate of Melon IGP du Haut Poitou :

As this fruit is mostly composed of water, it is best not to pair it with a wine that would have tannins. A dry and slightly vegetal white wine would work best. The Sauvignon grape variety found in the Sancerre appellation, for example, would be a perfect match.

Ask your wine shop for a white Sancerre, cuvée "Le Château" 2020, Domaine Vincent Pinard.

EXERCISE 3: Tune in

ÉTERNEL ÉTÉ - Ezéchiel Pailhès

Listening to our soundtrack of the week: an oldie but a goodie, iconic or new treasure. 

Each week press play.

EXERCISE 4 : Fun in the sun

What would summer be without crossword puzzles? Our vacation diary lends itself to the game, without having to print anything. Read them and make people guess the answers!

EXERCISE 5: Lunch in style

For a lunch in the sun :




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