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Julien Duboué is a chef who has become a restaurateur and entrepreneur. At the age of 40 and with a dozen restaurants to his credit, he talks to us about territoriality, style, (good) taste and creation.

He welcomes us at B.O.U.L.O.M, his colourful, Parisian bakery-canteen-restaurant in the 18th arrondissement.


It was with his parents, who produced their own vegetables and farmed rabbits and ducks, that Julien remembers his first contact with cooking.

It was above all an encounter with the product.

He then entered the Biarritz Hotel School, before flying to Paris in 2001 to join chef Alain Dutournier at the Carré des Feuillants (2 Michelin stars).


In April 2016, he inaugurated B.O.U.L.O.M, his bistronomic buffet restaurant with a bakery appearance.

“The atmosphere is one of sharing. You can find a cuisine that can be eaten by several people, you communicate with the other customers to taste, laugh and feast around this buffet”.


The aestheticism to which Julien is attached is not only found in the kitchen.

“I like to dress well, to look like me. I wear clothes that I like and I think that in my restaurants, it is also by imagining a cuisine that we like that it will please others. Passion and desire are communicated.”


The ingredient that Julien Duboué would keep if he had to remember only one?

“Work! You have to fight and not give up if you want to succeed. Now, if we’re talking about a product, I think of Espelette pepper, which I use in almost all my dishes.”


The cuisine of 2021? The chef assumes his taste for tradition and things well done.

“Today’s cuisine must be the one from 1950, in other words, the good one. We have to enjoy ourselves at table, we have to eat well, with a maximum of French products. Well-seasoned, hot and tasty, and appealing to the greatest number of people. This is my reasoning, and I believe it is also Octobre’s!”

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