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Welcome to the first edition of Family Portraits, where our collections are brought to life by those who inspire us. This week, Octobre shares the story of French director, dancer and actor Adrien Dantou, who welcomes us into his life, introducing us to those closest to his heart. A family united by their passion for dance, their story is an ode to liberty, movement and to life, which constantly reinvents itself…



“I grew up in Castillon la Bataille, in the middle of nowhere. It was thanks to my big sister Camille that I became a dancer. They needed a boy at her end of year gala and I just copied her movements. I was eight. This was followed by years of rehearsals, training and dance lessons before I met choreographers like Benjamin Millepied and Yves Noel Genond. Classical dance taught me discipline. However, for me, to love what I dance is more important than technique. Dance leads me somewhere else, towards what I love and dream about: cinema. I never hide and say yes to anything that comes my way. I take risks and bounce back. I don’t like stability, which is exciting and tiring at the same time, but I couldn’t live any other way. Do what makes you feel alive as much as possible. Everything is so difficult at the moment, that living is a form of urgency. I’m always scared of not having enough time.”


“I am a gym teacher and in a few weeks, I will retire. I have three beautiful children, who I’m proud of; they have achieved everything that they have set their heart on. Our mantra has always been ‘choose what you want to do in life, and do it with passion.’ We sacrificed everything for our children and encouraged them every day. It makes me happy to see how they have evolved. We are very close, without always being together. Today, my great passion is my children.”


“I started dancing when I was 7 years old. I specialised in contemporary dance for different dance companies in Paris. I discovered tango when I was 21 and it was a revelation. Tango allowed me to flourish; it connected the woman and the dancer within me.”


“I always had problems with authority. I was only well behaved when the teachers made me enjoy the lesson, such as sport. I started with dance, and at 5 years old I had already been on a shetland pony and had practised judo and rugby. Horse riding is my passion. Today, I’m a horse trainer. I teach them movements, or rather I dance with them. I can make them understand what I want with a look, a movement or a touch. It’s the same for them. When a horse doesn’t know what to do, it tries to escape and when it can’t escape, it will attack. When a horse feels at ease, it will give you everything. Its body, heart and soul.”

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