Linen is a breathable warm-weather fabric that we love rediscovering each time sunny days are back. Find out a little more about our selection of linen clothing, including tee-shirts, sweaters, jackets and pants.

Discover our linen Jackets

Our Jackets and Coats 

aLinen combined with cotton gives these garments their lovely texture and distinctive look. Another feature: these items are treated to repel water when seasonal showers come your way.

Discover our linen pants

The Mose Pants

This cotton-linen blend pant is perfect for staying elegant in warm weather, and provides absolute comfort. 
Most of all : it matches very well with Elek blazer ! 

Discover our linen knitwear

Harry Knitwear

The Harry sweater is primarily made from cotton, but we decided to add a little linen to the mix. Its thermoregulatory properties will help you stay cool on the hottest days, and keep you warm in the evening breeze.

Discover our linen T-Shirts

The combination of linen and cotton creates a light, breathable tee-shirt. Perfect for summer ! 

Discover our linen shirts

Our 100% linen 

Our shirts and tunics are so comfortable against your skin, with a soft feel that gives you an immediate sense of well-being.

Cotton / linen blends 

Our shirts and tunics are made from a cotton/linen blend that adds fluidity and helps regulate heat.

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