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Merino wool owes all its elasticity, resistance and softness to the smooth hair of the original Spanish “Merino” sheep, from which it comes.

Its fibres allow it to be knitted finer than usual, which gives it a second skin appearance. Merino wool keeps the body warm and breathable.


– Hand wash with a specific detergent or in the washing machine with a special wool programme.

– Do not use fabric softeners.

– Wash inside out to avoid pilling.

– Wring out gently without wringing and dry flat on a towel.


Mike Jumper — 80€

Mike Jumper — 80€

Mike Jumper — 80€

Flynn Jumper — 105€

Chuck Jumper — 110€

Chuck Jumper — 110€

Nils Jumper — 80€

Nils Jumper — 80€

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