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In order for you to have the best summer ever, here are a few exercises created by our specialists in the field, to continue savouring the taste, enriching your mind, and perfecting your tan.

Every Friday, discover a new edition!

© Whoogy’s

EXERCISE 1: Treat yourself

You're in for a treat. We're certain your tastebuds will be satisfied because we've found the best culinary arts teacher on Instagram: @Whoogy's. With him, it's impossible to miss a good meal.

This week, we're making tomato salad, with pesto & mozzarella 

• To begin, boil a pot of hot water.

• Take cherry tomatoes (multicolored if possible) and make a small incision in the shape of a cross on the bottom of the tomato.

• When the water boils, add the tomatoes to the water for exactly 1 minute.

• Then remove them and add it to water with ice cubes to finish cooking it. 

• Now for the pesto sauce.

• Put all the ingredients in a blender, and blend coarsely to maintain the texture.

• For the tomatoes, it's magic, the skin will come off by itself. You can use a small knife to remove the small skins.

• In a large plate, roughly crush the mozzarella to obtain a nice little layer of cheese, then pour a few spoonfuls of pesto and add the skinned tomatoes.

• Finish with a nice drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and of course... Espelette pepper.

EXERCISE 2 : The perfect pair

To continue to sharpen your taste buds, we called upon the knowledge of the best wine columnist of Très Très Bon: Gwilherm de Cerval, to share a weekly tip on how to find the perfect wine match for your table.

With a Foccacia Burrata and Oregano :

What better way to start an afternoon than with a nice dry, slightly herbaceous and salivating white wine! The Corsican grape variety Vermentinu, and more particularly that of the Patrimonio PDO, is the ideal partner for this crispy starter with its focaccia and a creamy pairing with the Burrata.

To ask your wine specialist: Patrimonio white 2020 Domaine Muriel Giudicelli

EXERCISE 3: Tune in


Listening to our soundtrack of the week: an oldie but goodie, iconic or fresh sound. 

Every week press play.


What would a summer be without crossword puzzles? Our vacation diary lends itself to the game, without having to print anything. Read them out loud and make it a fun guessing game with friends!


 Stand out at the beach with : 




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