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This week, meet Marc & Fred, brothers and the founding members of the group Leonie.


"With our music, we wanted to bring to life the chilled spirit of summer and create a musical postcard for our fans. As we progress, our music touches on more serious subjects and reflects the reality of our world."


"Growing up, we listened to a lot of Brit pop and Pop Rock, and were inspired by their melodies. Today, we listen to different kinds of music, like French Rap such as Orelsan or Lomepal. However, we’ll always look up to those who inspired us from day one like Coldplay and Oasis."


"We’ve always played music together, it’s great having the other one there, especially during difficult periods. We’re a good team.

Also, our father is an independent musician, who played with a number of different groups, mostly jazz. Our parents always pushed us as kids to pursue music, even when times were tough. Our favourite memory during Lockdown was when we played music with our father for a ‘live concert’ for our family."


"Our style reflects our music: surf with a street twist. Think trainers, baseball hats with a shirt & jacket. 

I’m a real fan (Marc) of the Octobre Peter Parka, as it goes with e verything! I’m sure that it would go well with a white t-shirt & jeans. 

Fred can’t live without his Octobre Griffin Jumper, it really suits him!"

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