The Kurt jeans

    "Semi-slim" cut perfect for these canvas jeans made in the purest tradition of Japanese selvedge fabrics. The canvas will age over time to give it a unique look.


    These pants have been designed to be worn with a casual style as well as with a more formal look. Its wool flannel from Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of the most renowned Italian weavers in the world, will offer you rock-solid comfort and an impeccable fall!


    The Danny pants are ideal for feeling comfortable without sacrificing elegance. Its elasticated waistband guarantees absolute comfort, while its material from Italian spinning gives it a dressy look.

    The Tom chinos

    Light, elegant and relaxed, chinos are essential in the wardrobe. Easy to wear, these military pants are worn close to the body. Chinos have just the right amount of elastane to improve comfort and allow you more freedom of movement.

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